Things to consider

What style of fence do I want?

   •Standard cost efficient fence has pressure-treated 4×4 posts set in cement, redwood 2×4 rails, and redwood 1×6 dog-eared pickets

  •Upgrading to metal posts is more expensive but the posts will last longer & they do not warp, twist, or bend due to weather

   •Pickets shrink once they dry which creates small gaps between them, one way to prevent this is to install the pickets overlapped style (board on board) this creates more privacy if you have lots of foot traffic outside or a pool installed

   •Adding a redwood 2×6 cap at the top gives it extra support & with a trim covering the dog-ears makes it look more esthetically pleasing

   •For a taller fence (more than 6ft) you can add a kickboard at the bottom of the sections; another reason for this is if there is a difference in grading between yards (for example one yard has rocks as landscaping which are laying against the fence)

   •Adding a third rail in the middle is another good way of adding extra durability as well as preventing pickets from bending in the middle

Setting a budget

   •If your fence is less than 10 years old or has metal posts, it may be cheaper to repair it instead of replacing

   •Digging out posts is the most difficult part of installing a fence (most expensive labor cost)

   •Fences are priced out per linear foot and pickets are the most expensive material cost of that price (if the fence is 10 years old and most posts are failing, it may be worth to install all new fencing because replacing the posts will cost as much in labor as installing all new fencing, price difference will only be the materials)

   •Most fencing companies provide free estimates, and take 1-2 days to complete the projects; it is common courtesy to have payment ready upon completion

Few other things…

   •Construction is a unique niche where work can slow down or pick up quickly therefore in order to stay in business they adapt company structure and policies to slow times with occasional fast paced expansion (ie. hiring seasonal workers). What this means is if you are having a difficult time reaching us or we are not responding quickly it may be the case that we are experiencing a surge in customer traffic. Complicated projects can also take a lot of attention. Please be patient with us, as technology progresses, physical labor is still limited and often times is thought of as outdated but we have come a long way.

Old fence demolitioned by cutting sections neatly for easier loading to haul away